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Lonsdale Creek Daycare Philosophy


We believe that children are unique individuals whose behavior and development are affected by their culture, environment, and experiences. We also believe that communication between parents, children, and caregivers is essential when guiding young children towards a healthy and happy life.

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The Lonsdale Creek Daycare Centre Society (LCDCS) first opened at the Lonsdale School Annex site in 1974. Over the years, LCDCS has grown from one small portable unit serving 25 families to eight childcare programs serving 130 families, in three locations. The success of our centres is a testament to our sustainability and longevity in the community.

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LCDCS gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia through the Childcare Operating Fund Grant and the BC Gaming Grant. These funds are used to enhance the quality of care provided to the children at the centres. The society has also received support from the City of North Vancouver to help maintain some of the daycare’s facilities.