Clothing & Nutrition


Your child should wear clothes that are warm, comfortable and allow them to freely explore without any concerns about getting messy. Being messy is part of the fun!


Please label everything with your child’s name.

  • Lunch kit or bag
  • Blanket (to be left at daycare)
  • Slippers/indoor shoes
  • Change of including: shirt, pants, shorts, underpants (several if in training) and socks
  • Muddy buddy for wet weather
  • Boots
  • Sun Screen
  • Sun Hat
  • Wet bag (to take wet and soiled cloths home)


In the Infant Toddler program, diaper costs are included in the monthly childcare fee.



The daycare provides a snack in the morning and afternoon based on the Canada Food Guide, along with milk and water. Snacks include a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, and protein and carbohydrate foods.


Children bring their own lunch and the daycare provides milk with lunch.

Heated Food

For health and safety reasons we do not microwave children’s lunches. If you wish to include heat-sensitive food in your child’s lunch please send it in a thermos labeled with your child’s name.

Food Allergies, Restrictions, Preferences & Challenges

If your child has any strong dislikes, allergies, chewing problems or dietary restrictions please tell the director when you enroll your child.

Solid Food, Bottles & Soothers for Infant Toddlers

The daycare staff will follow the direction of the parent when introducing solid snacks or new foods to infants and toddlers. If your child routinely takes bottles or soothers, please let staff know. Bottles are heated in a crock pot in continuously warmed water.